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What is DAC Performance Coaching?

DAC Performance Coaching sessions are coaching sessions aimed at allowing the archer to achieve their potential.

We do expect everyone to have goals. We will work to your goal advising you on how to achieve what you want to achieve.

Who is it aimed at?

Our coaching is aimed at you. It is not specifically for the young or the old. It is not aimed at the experienced or the novice.

To us Performance Coaching is our methodology rather than our goal. We will coach you along the Archery GB Pathway using the Archery GB Techincal Model. How far you wish to go with that is your choice. We are able to take you to, or advise you of, your/the next level.

In brief what is DAC offering?

1. We will start at the beginning with instruction on Posture and Stance.

2. We will show exercises to improve and strengthen your Posture and Stance

3. We will show you warm-up exercises that will help prevent injury

4. We will show you exercises that will increase your stength and stability

5. We will breakdown the shot into constituent parts and show you how to perform these to your best and how to practice these in isolation.

6. We will introduce when, how and what to set as goals and how to review your goals.

7. We will discuss your equipment, is it the best for you; is it setup correctly; how to make changes to your setup; when?

8. We will discuss the mental approach to archery. 


All of the above will be delivered by an Archery GB qualified coach. 

It will be deliverd at your speed, when you are ready. For those who have spent some time in performance coaching, the basics may be the wrong place to start. We will use these exercises and skills as and when they are appropriate to your progression.

Do I need to book all sessions?

Ideally YES, you will not reach your goal if you only attend one session. The more you can attend the easier it will be for you to move forward and closer to your goal you will be. These sessions are only a start. Each of the coaches will recomend how you should train between sessions. This will include what to do and how often. It will be geared to you and where you have set your goal.

Are there more oportunities to receive Performance Coaching? As I said above, attendance at one session will not take you to your goal. It will also be difficult to achieve your goal with only one 6 hour session per month. Therefore we will be holding less formal outdoor sessions between the advertised indoor sessions to help you progress. These will be advertised dependant on the weather, but you will be emailed when such sessions are to take place. You may also wish to arrange seperate sessions with the coach you have at the indoor sessions. All our coaches are available for additional coaching as you require.

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