Your classification is helpful in indicating where you are in terms of your scoring ability at archery. It is a helpful mark of your progress as an archer.

Outdoor handicap tables are now available to download as ‘.pdf’s from ArcheryGB. The links are:

Outdoor handicap tables
Outdoor classifications and handicaps-Recurve
Outdoor classifications and handicaps-Longbow
Outdoor classifications and handicaps-Barebow
Outdoor classifications and handicaps-Compound

Indoor classifications and handicaps

Classifications and handicaps up to 31st December 2022

Although the following is now out of date, we will leave it in place for now whilst archers may want to compare the two systems to help them judge their level within the new system.
There are six classification levels: the lowest is third class, then second class, first class, Bowman or Junior Bowman (B), Master Bowman or Junior Master Bowman (MB), and Grand Master Bowman (GMB) at the highest classification level.

You gain your classification by shooting three archery rounds where you achieve the required score in a season, and you will be awarded a badge. In general, the higher the classification, the higher the handicap level required to reach it. Also, the higher level classifications require you to shoot the three rounds that include the longest distances (yards or metres). To achieve MB or GMB you have to shoot the rounds at record status shoots.

You keep your classification for the next season, but must achieve it again to keep it for the following season after that.

Click on the links below to see the scores required for each classification.

Senior GentsSenior LadiesJunior Gents Under 18Junior Ladies Under 18
Senior Gents RecurveSenior Ladies RecurveU18 Gents RecurveU18 Ladies Recurve
Senior Gents CompoundSenior Ladies CompoundU18 Gents CompoundU18 Ladies Compound
Senior Gents LongbowSenior Ladies LongbowU18 Gents LongbowU18 Ladies Longbow
Senior Gents BarebowSenior Ladies BarebowU18 Gents BarebowU18 Ladies Barebow
Junior Gents Under 16Junior Ladies Under 16Junior Gents Under 14Junior Ladies Under 14
U16 Gents Recurve U16 Ladies Recurve U14 Gents Recurve U14 Ladies Recurve
U16 Gents Compound U16 Ladies Compound U14 Gents CompoundU14 Ladies Compound
U16 Gents LongbowU16 Ladies LongbowU14 Gents LongbowU14 Ladies Longbow
U16 Gents BarebowU16 Ladies BarebowU14 Gents BarebowU14 Ladies Barebow

Junior Gents Under 12Junior Ladies Under 12
U12 Gents Recurve U12 Ladies Recurve
U12 Gents Compound U12 Ladies Compound
U12 Gents Longbow U12 Ladies Longbow
U12 Gents Barebow U12 Ladies Barebow